Invisalign – A “braceless” alternative to traditional metal braces!

Have you ever wished for a straighter, healthier smile, but not looked forward to all the metal wires and bands that often go along with braces? At Central Jersey Orthodontics we can make your dream of having a new smile come to life. Using Invisalign, we give patients a “clearly” effective and incredibly comfortable way to wear braces!

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invisible-cjoWhat is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is an aesthetic orthodontic technique that uses a series of doctor-prescribed, customized, clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth, bites, and smiles for teens and adults. The aligners are made of an FDA approved, medical grade plastic that is customized to fit your teeth. The average treatment time with Invisalign is about one year, ranging from about six months to a few years, depending on your specific treatment plan, your compliance with wearing the aligners, and the severity of your malocclusion.

Invisalign aligners are:

  • Completely invisible – Invisalign aligners cannot be seen while you are wearing them! Friends, family members and co-workers may never even know you are wearing braces, unless of course you tell them!
  • Comfortable to wear – The aligners are made from a special plastic that has smooth, rounded edges so they won’t irritate your mouth and tissues like traditional braces often can.
  • Customized just for you – Your Invisalign aligners are customized to fit your mouth. Dr. Sirena uses advanced 3-D computer imaging technology to replicate an exact impression of your mouth and teeth, then he customizes each aligner so that it fits your mouth, and over time moves your teeth into the proper position.
  • Removable –Unlike traditional metal braces, you can remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush your teeth, floss and for special occasions. There’s no need to change your lifestyle with Invisalign!
  • Effective – You will begin to notice a significant difference even before your treatment is complete! Most treatments are completed within one year; however this can vary from patient to patient.